Friday, November 23, 2012

Nyt Sukkikset Suhisemaan!

Tyhjennämme varastoa uusien tuotteiden tieltä ja loppuunmyymme ison erän ihania MP:n sukkahousuja -40% alennuksella. Runsaasti pieniä vauvakokoja, isoissa aina 160 senttiin saakka. Myös nilkkasukkia, polvisukkia, maailman mahtavimpia ohuita villasukkia... Kipin kapin ostoksille ...vaikka pukinkonttiin!
Nyt on aika hankkia myös ihanat silkkipaperitähdet ikkunoihin, alkaen 5,- LÄMPIMÄSTI TERVETULOA OSTOKSILLE LAUANTAINA 10-15 ja sitten taas ensiviikolla arkipäivisin 10-17. Ps. Lisäämme sukkisten kuvia tänne heti aamulla, joten jos kiinnostusta on kauempaakin, ring-ring 016 4250 860 tai mailia tulemaan

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shop full of beautiful NEW fabrics!

Hi there!

I has been a while since... excuse us. We have been so busy rolling and cutting all those fancy and supersoft jerseys we have got.  Look at those in our Etsy shop.

BLUE VIKING cotton elastane single jersey
Material 95% cotton 5% elastane, width 140 cm
REINDEER cotton elastane single jersey
material 95 % cotton 5% elastane, width 150 cm

PRINCESS cotton elastane single jersey
95% cotton 5% elastane, width 170 cm

TROPICAL BIRD cotton elastane single jersey in green
95% cotton 5% elastane, width 150 cm 

REINDEER cotton elastane single jersey in pink
95% cotton 5% elastane, width 150 cm

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring/summer kids collections are in shop!

Please excuse us for the long break in our blog posts. Well, it has been quite busy lately and also the darkness of winter has kept us in it's touch.

Recently we have seen an odd phenomenon on the sky – SUN is finally back! And also postmen have keep carrying big parcels to our shop. Look at these scandinavian cotton jersey knits! We can already warn you: order now or soon you'll be without!

TANDTROLL cotton elastane single jersey in lime and blue

Price 23.00 EUR/m

You might already know these little trolls. Thorbjørn Egner was a Norwegian playwright, songwriter and illustrator known for his books, plays and musicals for children. One of his most famous books Karius og Bactus (written in 1949) tells about two little fellows "tooth trolls" living in Jens mouth. They have very good life as long they get their daily dosis of sugar and sweets and Jens fails to brush his teeth. Eventually their homes are destroyed by the work of a dentist and they are rinsed out of Jens' mouth through proper dental care.

The story of Karius and Bactus, with its humorous illustrations and important message, has become a classic of Norwegian children's literature. Since its publication, the idea of "tooth trolls" has been used as a pedagogical device for generations of Scandinavian children.

Here we have those little trolls in lovely cotton jersey knit. Who can resist this cute print. At least I can't. We have selected the most popular Scandinavian interlocks and jerseys for the children's clothing, with lovely colors and playful patterns. You can use them for T-shirts, leggings, pyjamas and baby clothing.

These knits are designed and made in Europe.

+ + +

SUMMERDAY cotton elastane single jersey
Price 23.00 EUR/m

If you’re looking for fun ways to spend Summerday, look no further! Here are a plenty of options: swim, go fishing, take a flight with hot air balloon, enjoy under a rainy cloud or make a funny picnic with your friends. Every place is full of fun! Does a Summerday get any better?

These knits are designed and made in Europe.

+ + +

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